Simple and uncomplicated heating with the sun

•    Optimum solution to heat up a storage tank with solar power
•    High efficiency by increasing the consumption of solar energy
•    Fresh and hygienic hot water due to intelligent fresh water module
•    Fresh water system storage tank with premounted fresh water module
•    Ohmpilot and electrical heating cartridge

Sets consisting of:

  • Solar energy components (PV modules, inverters, etc.)
  • Fresh water storage tank sets
  • Air-water-heat pump

Use even more Solar energy with the fresh water tank PSH.


The most hygienic and cost-effective way for utilising solar energy is buffering to a stationary fresh water system tank


The Fronius Ohmpilot is a consumption regulator that uses the surplus PV power (continuous regulation from 0 to 9 kW) to heat up hot water. First and foremost, it operates heating rods in hot water and buffer storage tanks intelligently.


Consuming your own solar power means energy independence and provides the best safeguard against rising energy prices! The energy produced by a PV system is consumed in the household. Any available surplus is used to heat rooms and prepare hot water. That lets you maximise the efficient solar power self-consumption.

Funkctional diagram SONNENHEIZUNG