The most simple and efficient solution for hot water preparation.

• Covers up to 70% of hot water requirements

• Universal hot water storage tank with 300 to 1000 l tank capacity

• Maximum hot water comfort thanks to rapid heating through a large internal register

Sets consisting of:

  • Solar collectors
  • Hot water tank with solar return unit including controller

SONNENKRAFT gives you the most simple solution for utilising the power of the sun in your home.


The high-efficiency pump in the pre-installed RLGHE pumping station significantly reduces the energy consumed, when
operating a solar system.


Plug & flow technology (pre-installed pump station with 200 to 500 l storage tank with 2 registers) makes the unit easy to install and start up. COMPACT also saves a lot of space thanks to its slender storage tank design.


The pre-configured, user-friendly controller makes it easier to operate the COMPACT solution. Available as an option: heat quantity calculation through measuring section with Grundfos sensor (RLGHE-VFD). Solar hot water system Plug & Flow Solar pump group pre-installed!


All the components are produced with premium European quality, carefully tested and perfectly adapted to each other. We only use proven technology that ensures durability and effectiveness.

Functional diagram COMPACT