The most cost-effective and hygienic solution for hot water preparation and room heating.

• Maximum energy efficiency thanks to ideal buffer layer loading (3-zone storage tank)

• Fresh and hygienic hot water thanks to the intelligent fresh water module

• All components perfectly adapted to each other

Sets consisting of:
Solar collectors
Buffer storage tank with high-efficiency solar pumping station
Intelligent fresh water module
The COMFORT Set is ideal for hot water production and as a heating aid for one and two-family homes

FWMi fresh water module

Need-based fresh and hygienic hot water supply based on the continuous flow principle. An intelligent circulation system (optional) delivers the exact required volume of hot water when it is needed.


The encapsulated solar register allows the upper storage tank volume to be loaded more quickly. Together with the stratification, it provides high-efficiency heating support.


The high-efficiency pump in the pumping station ensures low energy consumption and cost-effective operation of the solar energy system.

Functional diagram COMFORT