For use under the toughest conditions

The SONNENGLÄSER are the premium alternative for roofing and balcony applications. The double glass structure is characterized by its improved protection of the cells against dynamic loads, as these are located in the neutral zone. In addition, the glass size and the edge distances used are perfectly matched to all types of roofing and integration in balconies. Due to the frameless design, there is no damming edge: this ensures better self-cleaning, the snow slips off more easily. Sun lenses are extremely durable and are characterized by the highest level of resistance to environmental influences.

Product details

  • bifacial cell technology - up to 30% more power by utilizing the incidence of light, also on the back
  • Extremely resistant: also withstands extreme environmental influences
  • No jam edge, less pollution
  • Extremely durable: special glass composite system
  • Extreme Feuerbeständigkeit da Doppelglas
  • Glasdachlösung für bauseits bestehende Unterkonstruktionen
  • Extreme Leistung: bis zu 360 Wp Gesamtleistung durch bifaciale Zelltechnologie
  • Verschiedene Transparenzgrade, je nach erforderlichem Lichteinfall möglich (z.B. Carports, Terrassenüberdachungen, Balkone, Gewächshäuser)