You benefit from several advantages with a SUN TERRACE:

  • Multifunctional: the solar modules are sun protection and generate sustainable electricity at the same time 
  • Weather-independent: Whether as rain or sun protection, it´s the perfect roof for your favorite open-air place
  • Self-financing: depending on self-consumption & the feed-in of the produced energy, the SUN TERRACE is financed by itself
  • Sustainable: save CO2 and protect the climate by using solar energy

You decide the light incidence of SUN TERRACE by yourself. You have the possibility to equip your SUN TERRACE with 4 or 6 cell-rows. The advantage of 4 cell-rows: Your terrace is more translucent, but still provides enough shade in the summer.
Thanks to bifacial cell technology, the SUN TERRACE also delivers quite a bit of green electricity even with 4 cell-rows.