The anechoic design module

Our Power-Module BLACK is particularly suitable for use in glare-critical environments (in addition to residential areas, roads or airports). In addition, it impresses with its elegant design with black frame, black back back sheet and optional black soldering connections.

Product details

  • Elegant design with black frame, black back sheet and optional black soldered connectors
  • Use of a special low-reflection Deflect solar glass with a very high degree of solar transmission, which has a glare effect reduced by a factor of 5 compared to standard glass.
  • Technical documentation (measurement reports and anti-glare reports) available for project planning
  • Perfectly suited in residential areas, next to busy streets or airports
  • Compliance with the toughest glare requirements

Unique frame construction with edge protection

The frame impresses with the shapely undercut corners. Furthermore, however, this also has considerable technical advantages. The frame is designed without a drainage hole, so there is no risk of freezing due to stagnant water. This is ensured by the fiberglass-reinforced plastic corner connectors with UV blockers thanks to the integrated water drainage. Another advantage: Thanks to the plastic corners, there is no risk of injury to the operator or the roof skin from sharp corners.