The robust module for increased loads

Our alpine modules are delivered with an extremely stable aluminum frame and 4mm solar glass. Our Power Alpin modules are characterized by their particularly robust frame. The module is suitable for use with increased snow loads of up to 8,000 Pa, depending on the installation situation. This is thanks to the expanded contact surface of the laminate, the material thickness of the frame and the structural geometry.

Product details

  • Highest load capacity, up to 8,000 Pa depending on the installation situation
  • Stable framework concept for technical security and flexibility
  • Use of robust 4mm front glass
  • Extended contact surface of the laminate, reinforced frame, improved structural geometry
  • Optionally available: Backrails for stiffening the frame when mounted horizontally

Unique, particularly stable aluminum frame with miter cut

Thanks to its stable frame concept and the use of 4mm thick front glass, our ALPIN power module can be used in applications with increased loads. The module is also optionally available with 2 backrails on the back of the module for stiffening the frame. Thanks to the backrails, the ALPIN module can also be easily installed on facades. Individual module mounting is also possible using backrails and floor stands available for this purpose.

A solar power module that can withstand snow loads of up to 8,000 Pa.

In the unique, inhomogeneous stress test, according to SPF test basis in Rapperswill, Switzerland, ALPIN-Modul achieved up to 8,000 with the SAS rafter anchor and has been optimally tested for downhill forces.