Solar Room Heating
Solar Room Heating


How It Works

The sun heats up the liquid in the solar panels on the roof. The heat from the solar liquid is transferred to the water in the backup tank. Then it can be circulated in the room heating system. When hot water is needed in the kitchen or bathroom, the fresh water module heats up the fresh cold water. The solution can also support the heating of swimming pools.

Solar Room Heating


Your Improvement


The COMFORT E and COMFORT E Plus solutions make the house much more energy efficient, which will save money every day. The solutions improve the energy rating of the home and the costs can be offset by an increase in its value.



Combustion of oil and gas fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That is why governments in almost every country have set up aggressive goals to reduce carbon dioxide emission. And by applying solar energy also for heating of rooms and swimming pools, the emmisions of the house are reduced even further. Using solar energy emits zero carbon dioxide.



Oil and gas are scarce resources that will run out of over time. The future price is highly uncertain. During the last 10 years the oil price has increased by 300 %. Using as much solar energy as possible reduces the user's dependency on other energy sources, and so removes the worry about increasing fossil fuel prices and future scarce supply.

Solar Room Heating



  • Produce up to 50% of the heating and 80% of the hot water demand for free, in well-insulated houses
  • Using solar energy for both hot water and heating creates a very efficient energy solution
  • All our hydraulic modules use High Efficiency pumps reducing energy demand by up to 80%
  • Fresh, hygienic hot water production without any risk of legionella by means of hot water generation on demand 
  • Premium European Quality 
  • Quick and easy installation