Solar Heat Pump
Solar Heatpump


How It Works

The air-water heat pump HP12M in combination with solar heating system COMFORT E or COMFORT E Plus results in a complete heating system without need for any other auxiliary heating.


Solar panels are heating up a buffer tank where the upper part is used as hot water storage. A fresh water module uses this water to generate hot water for domestic use. The remaining energy in the buffer tank is being used for heating the building.


The heat pump is only used when there is not enough solar energy in the tank to fulfill the heat demand of the building. It also only operates when there is an instant need for energy and using cutting edge modulating compressor technology, ensures it is highly efficient.


Free solar energy is used when there is a need for frost protection ensuring a coordinated and highly efficient design.

Solar Heatpump


Your Improvement

In combination with a COMFORT E, COMFORT E Plus or an already installed solar heating solution the air-water heat pump makes the house much more energy efficient, which will save money every day. This particular solution provides you with hot water and room heating all year without need for any backup system. The solutions improve the energy grade of the house considerably, so that the investment will be offset by a higher value of the house.



Combustion of oil and gas fossil fuels is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That is why governments in almost every country have set up aggressive goals to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Using solar energy emits zero carbon dioxide, and combining a solar thermal solution with a heat pump contributes even more to reduce CO2 emmisions.


Oil and gas are scarce resources that will run out of over time. The future price is highly uncertain. During the last 10 years the oil price has increased by 300 %. When combining solar thermal energy with a heat pump, the household becomes nearly totally energy self-sufficient, which minimizes the user's dependency on other energy sources, and so removes the worry about increasing fossil fuel prices and future scarce supply.

Solar Heatpump



  • Via intelligent combination of solar and heat pump, this solution covers the whole energy demand forhot water and heating! Therefore, more than 90% of the hot water and more than 75% of the heating demand is covered by energy from sun and air for free

  • Complete Heating System made in Europe at the cutting edge with a superior quality level, highest efficiency and outstanding operation comfort

  • Fresh, hygienic hot water supply in continuous flow mode 

  • Low installation time with “Plug & Flow"

  • One controller with touch display and WEB-applications to control the complete heating solution

  • New: Now with cooling function!