Solar Heat Pump

What It Does

The SOL+ solution combines solar energy with the HP12M or HP10MR air-water heat pump and enables an upgrading of any solar heating solution to a complete and almost fully renewable heating system. 100% of the whole energy demand for hot water and heating is covered by this solution!


Our solar heat pump solutions SOL+ with compact mono-block technology are easy to install and to maintain and do not require a refrigerant technician.

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HP12M/10MR  2014

The SOL+ solution is SONNENKRAFT’s solution which makes the household near to energy self-sufficient. The solution combines solar thermal energy with an air-water heat pump, and eliminates the need for any additional backup heating or - brand new - cooling.


The new heat pump HP10MR is the ideal solution for every building where cooling is as important as heating.


The HP10MR heat pump in the SOL+ solution offers an outstanding efficiency because of generously designed components and the use of modulating compressor and fan unit. It can be combined either with a COMFORT E or a COMFORT E Plus Solar system.


A controller with full graphic touch display makes sure that the system covers the energy demand of the home with a maximum amount of renewable energy, this solution covers more than 90% of the hot water and more than 75% of the heating demand by free energy from the sun and the air.



The new heat pump HP10MR is the ideal solution for every building where cooling is as important as heating.



The new flexible set configuration makes it very easy to offer the optimal customized SOL+ system solution. Just choose the right heat pump-, tank- and collector set, according to your needs!



The preset "all in one" controller, with easiest and intuitive menu navigation via full graphic touch display, monitors and controls the complete system in an optimum way all year round. Integrated energy balancing for the solar system and the heat pump, and the possible integration into a home network remote control,  make the system much more convenient to use!



A very high efficient modulating compressor and fan unit ensure an outstanding COP of 4,02 which is the highest in its class. This means that the heat pump delivers more than 4 heating output units, for each electricity input unit.


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