Solar Electricity


How It Works

The sun hits the photovoltaic cells and generates electricity. The electricity runs through cable to an inverter that converts from DC to AC and now its ready for usage.



Your Improvement


The COMPACT Power solutions enable the production of the total electricity demand for free. Furthermore, in some cases, surplus electricity may be sold back to the energy supplier’s grid and you earn money every day.



90 % of the worlds electricity is produced by combustion of fossil fuels, which is considered to be the largest contributing factor to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That is why governments in almost every country have set up aggressive goals to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Using solar energy emits zero carbon dioxide.



Oil and gas are scarce resources that will run out of over time. The future price is highly uncertain. During the last 10 years the oil price has increased by 300 %. Using as much solar energy as possible reduces the user's dependency on other energy sources, and so removes the worry about increasing fossil fuel prices and future scarce supply.




  • Produce electricity for free and earn money on surplus electricity 
  • Appealing up-market design thanks to colour co-ordinated components 
  • Easy to install and very low maintenance