Mission And Vision

Our Mission: We Make The Sun Work Better For You

It is SONNENKRAFT® that is making the effort.


The sun is our friend, collaborator, and our industry.


We always add extra value; creating the solutions that are getting more out of the sun. We can utilise its energy to generate heat, cooling, hot water and electrical power – and we can even merge these different outputs into one solution.


We offer solutions that comply with every thinkable need. We put the sun to work for you as a person, company or household, and we make a virtue of always delivering the right solution – no matter the complexity, size or individual needs.

Our Vision: Solar Energy As A Natural Part Of Every Building

Solar energy is the best energy source in the world. We want people all over the world to recognise this and make solar energy a natural part of every building, whether the need is for heating, warm water, cooling or electricity. We will be the pioneers showing first Europe and then the rest of the world what optimum solar energy solutions is all about, when considering both environmental, convenience, and economical issues. To get there, we will engage every day with enthusiasm, dedication, and the ability to deliver a premium European quality in both product and service.