Stratification Module with High Efficiency Pump

January 15, 2012

The stratification module SLM50HE which is used in the COMFORT E Solution for hot water and room heating has been fitted with a high efficiency pump that uses 80% less energy than before. Furthermore the SLM50HE now provides a more optimal heating of the water tank.


If you want a high yield out of your solar thermal installation good stratification of the tank is paramount. The SLM50HE is able to charge the tank from the top and thus guarantees less energy waste in the transition of the solar energy from the collector field to the tank.


“The most optimal way of utilizing the solar energy is to heat the top of the tank first. Therefore we have worked hard on making the stratification module for our sophisticated solution for hot water and room heating better at doing this,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director of SONNENKRAFT International.


The SLM50HE can manage the stratification of single tank installations and large serial tank installations with two 1.000 liter units. In order to do so the module is fitted with a powerful pump. In the 2012 version of the SLM50HE the pump is of very high efficiency and uses 80% less energy.


“The pump of the SLM50HE is very efficient. In fact the module is rated energy class A because it uses very little electricity. This means that the end-users will reduce their overall energy costs even more,” says Magnus Wallin.


High efficiency pumps are expected to be mandatory by law as soon as 2013. By already having a high efficiency pump the SLM50HE already meets these future requirements.