SONNENKRAFT behind Large Complete Solution in Algarve

November 03, 2011

Date: November 3rd, 2011

Solar Thermal Energy:

SONNENKRAFT behind Large Complete Solution in Algarve

A new hotel in Alvor, Algarve, gets much of its energy by means of a large solar thermal installation. SONNENKRAFT is the only supplier and has delivered all components for the solution, from the 400 m2 solar collectors to the module that secures fresh hot water. By only having to rely on the expertise of a single supplier the entrepreneur knows that the solution is thoroughly tested and works from day one.

The Hotel Alvor Baia has 402 rooms and gets a large part of its energy supply from 400 m2 GK10 solar collectors. The energy is stored in six PS5000 water tanks totaling 30.000 liters of water from where it is distributed. Among other things the solar energy is used for producing fresh hot water, powering the air conditioning and heating the big swimming pool of the hotel. According to SONNENKRAFT, the single supplier of components for the solution, Alvor Baia is a perfect example of how large installations will be designed in the future.

“Solar thermal energy is a multipurpose energy source if the right technology and expertise are being brought into play. This is the case in Alvor where the solar thermal installation is completely integrated on all levels. This means that the energy always can be allocated to where it is most needed, whether it is for heating the pool or powering the air conditioning. In my opinion this is how all installations of this kind will and should be in the future,”

There is no doubt that the solution for Alvor Baia, due to its size and complexity, has required many hours of planning and co-ordinating. But the fact that the complete solution is based solely on SONNENKRAFT components has been a great advantage.

“Every component in the solution is fully tested both individually and in interaction with the other components. This means that when the installation is made it is more or less plug and play. And if something unforeseen occurs we can quickly identify the issue and deal with it either on sight or by calling our product engineers in the research department in Austria,”