New South African-European Partnership

July 01, 2012

The targets set by the partners SolarDura and SONNENKRAFT are high. The new powerhouse wants to play a leading role in bringing solar thermal energy in Southern Africa to an even higher level than it already is. To begin with SolarDura primarily focus on South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique, but the plan is to also enter the markets of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola.

“The market potential of solar thermal energy in our region is second to none. Government backed incentive and support schemes are in place, and solar energy has the full attention of major utility companies such as ESKOM and NAMPO. Becoming partners of SONNENKRAFT we now have the ability to provide high quality solutions for apartment buildings as well as industrial facilities,” says Sven Seeger, Co-Founder, SolarDura.

SONNENKRAFT is a European market leader within solar thermal energy in both size and product line. The company operates all over Europe by means of own national companies or by partnerships, and as one of very few suppliers in the world SONNENKRAFT offers total solutions where every single component has been thoroughly tested individually and as part of a solution. The flagship solution for fresh hot water and room heating, COMFORT E Plus, was in May of this year celebrated as “Best Product of the Year” by the jury of the German Plus X Award.

“We are very pleased about the new partnership. SolarDura’s way of doing business is exemplary to anybody, and therefore we at SONNENKRAFT believe that SolarDura is the ideal partner for us in Southern Africa,” says Magnus Wallin, Director of new and emerging markets, SONNENKRAFT.