Innovation Frontrunner within Solar Technology

May 31, 2012

SONNENKRAFT received two awards for best product of the year at the Plus X Award Night on May 10th. The Plus X Award is given to companies that introduce innovative new products. A product can achieve recognition within seven Plus X categories; design, ease of use, ergonomics, innovation, functionality, ecology and high quality.

Both the COMFORT E Plus solution for fresh hot water and room heating and the intelligent fresh water module FWMi achieved recognition in no less than four out the seven categories; innovation, functionality, ecology and high quality. Since these are the highest scores compared to similar products they furthermore are honored as best products of the year.

“We continuously spend vast resources on product development aiming at improving the performance of our solutions and making them easier to manage for the end-user. Being given two awards for best product of the year proves that our strong effort makes us one of the innovation frontrunners within solar technology,” says Christian Stadler, Technical Head, SONNENKRAFT.

The FWMi fresh water module is a component that is part of the COMFORT E Plus solution. The COMFORT E Plus is a total solution meaning that all components – from the collectors to the modules – are delivered by SONNENKRAFT and fully tested to work together. Once installed the entire system is ready to work from day one with a minimum of effort for the end-user.

Among the companies that have also been given the Plus X Award for their innovative products are Apple, BMW, General Electric and SONY.