Improved Solar Solutions with High Efficiency

January 20, 2012

The main argument for installing a solar thermal solution is to save money on the household budget. The COMFORT E and COMFORT E Plus solutions from SONNENKRAFT that provide hot water and room heating have been improved and now more efficient. Better insulation of the water tanks and high efficiency pumps are among the new features.


Rising energy prices - due to increase in demand and in taxes - means that installing a solar thermal solution providing hot water and room heating is a great investment for any household. SONNENKRAFT, the European market leader, now makes the solar thermal solution an even better investment.


“Both our solutions have been fitted with new technology that makes them perform even better than before. For instance have our development team succeeded in reducing the heat loss of the water tanks by 20%. This gives a more efficient performance of the solutions and they now produce more energy. At the end of the day this will save you more money,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director of SONNENKRAFT International.


Another efficiency improvement is that the solar thermal solutions have a new pump that uses 80% less energy than its predecessor. The new pump reduces the consumption of electricity by the solutions significantly.
“Solar thermal solutions need to be as efficient as possible. Every time we can reduce energy consumption we have an obligation to do so. Lower energy consumption equals money saved and thus a greater return on the investment,” says Magnus Wallin.


About the COMFORT E solutions

  • Produce up to 40 % of your heating and 80 % of your hot water for free, if you have a well-insulated house
  • Using solar energy for both hot water and heating creates a very efficient energy solution
  • Fresh, hygienic hot water by means of hot water preparation on demand
  • Premium European quality
  • Quick and easy installation