Improved Pump Station from SONNENKRAFT

December 15, 2011

The pump station, PSKR18HE, for SONNENKRAFT’s cost-effective hot water and room heating solution, has a 30% higher flow rate than the previous model. Furthermore the pump itself is rated energy class A and uses 80% less energy than the previous model.


The new version of SONNENKRAFT’s pump station for the hot water and heating solution COMFORT E has been significantly improved. With a 30% higher flow rate the pump station can operate bigger collector areas. The new PSKR18HE can support as many as six of the SKR500 collectors totaling 15.5 m2.


“The demand for cost-effective solutions for hot water and room heating is high, and thanks to the new pump station with a higher flow rate larger households now have the opportunity to invest in such a solution and still get their energy needs covered,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director of SONNENKRAFT International.


In addition to the high flow rate SONNENKRAFT has been able to make the pump very efficient and it now uses 80% less energy than before. Less electricity consumption means lowering energy costs even further.


“A key argument for installing a solar thermal solution is to become as independent as possible of the rising energy prices. By having a much more efficient pump the PSKR18HE contributes to becoming even more independent, reducing the electricity consumption needed to run the system,” says Magnus Wallin.


High efficiency pumps are expected to be mandatory by law as soon as 2013. By already having a high efficiency pump the PSKR18HE already meets these future requirements.