3 New Tanks with Great Utilization of Solar Heat

January 25, 2012

SONNENKRAFT now introduces three new tanks that all dramatically increase the efficiency of any solar thermal solution. Improved stratification means more efficient utilization of the solar heat, and better insulation of the tanks reduces heat loss by 20%. All in all you get a higher yield.


Solutions from SONNENKRAFT for room heating and hot water in private households now have two new tanks available, the PSR-E and PSC-E tanks. For large solutions and excellent for parallel installations now comes the new PS-E tank.


“In a solar thermal solution the buffer tank can make a big difference when it comes to efficiency of the system. In our new tanks there are two major improvements; reduction of heat loss and better utilization of the solar heat,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director of SONNENKRAFT International.

Due to better insulation of the tanks heat loss has been reduced by 20 %. Combined with a likewise better stratification and therefore a more efficient utilization of the solar heat, the tanks provide a significantly higher yield than other similar solutions.

“With the new tanks the solutions will produce more hot water and room heating than before. This means that the end-users, private or commercial, will reduce their energy costs even more when they install a solar thermal solution,” says Magnus Wallin.

3 New Tanks from SONNENKRAFT

  • PSR-E: The PSR-E is the tank of the COMFORT E solution. An encapsulation of the solar register enables faster loading of the tank, and bigger flow breaks improve the solar stratification.
  • PSC-E: The PSC-E is the tank of the COMFORT E Plus solution. The improved insulation means lower heat loss of the tank, and up to 70% of the fleece used for insulation comes from recycled material. PSC-E offers unique module mounting options for SLM, FWM, HKM and RAS.
  • PS-E: The PS-E is the most efficient tank for large solutions. PS-E can be implemented in parallel installations and can be combined with both the PSC-E tanks and the PSR-E tanks (8000E and 1000E models). The tank has stabilized temperature zones thanks to a horizontal layer plate and flow breaks at the return line.